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FRIENDS ONLY; Comment to be added.

Read this before adding me. Thanks!

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Hey Trudy! Hope you don't mind my adding you. This is [ profile] stalk_kenchan on another journal.

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Hi, this is [ profile] bmg, may I please get added here?~

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frankly, I saw your Annyong userpic and knew I should probably add you. If only because Arrested Development is the best comedic show ever invented. XD

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Hey there... I don't mean to come off as strange, but you posted in the_citidel Mass Effect Roleplay that you were interested. I just wanted to see if you still might want to join. Just stop on by or let me know. Thanks.

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what an interesting, odd little readme.

found you through your murakami community, would you like to be pals?

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rock on.

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Hey! This is Ally/Hikari/Momoe from Digilife. Just thought I'd add ya, if you don't mind. ;D <3

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Sure, adding you now!

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Hey, this is James. Add me!

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Katt's new journal. Can I get friended again?

(I swear you must have an ARCHIVE of all my comments with messages like this. I knew I should have bought a permanent account JUST to be stuck to one account).

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found you while reading Discordia's LJ. I'm interesred in reading yours if you don't mind.

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Adding you now! ♥

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-NiCe To MiSs YoU- ^^'

spam in ur comm

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Edited 2011-01-06 03:26 (UTC)

Re: spam in ur comm

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Been deleted! Thanks for the heads up; just got home from work.

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Just took care of it! Thanks for the heads up!

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Hihi! You seem really awesome and your social politics seem to agree with mine so just wondered if you'd be interested in being f-listers! I read the readme and was wondering if I could also snag that. Did you write that yourself?

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Nope, I didn't -- feel free to snag. Going to add you, too! :D

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Awesome, thanks! :D

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ok, now I know. I found you from the precure community. Please add me!
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Hey, I added you here. :)
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This is TrinaSheepChan for LJ.
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Gah! I added you a long time ago but I totally forgot to say something here. It's me Sophia, from LA! I hope you don't mind adding me to your list of friends? <3

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Friends, because you like Gaeta :)

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Adding back! :D
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Hey! It's Alexine/dreaming_faerie from LJ! Add?