You're like the moon.

You never come out front, but you're like the support of the group.

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acting, adrien brody, al calavicci, anime, anita, arrested development, ashita no nadja, atton, atton rand, bao-dur, bastila, being delusional, black rose, bread, carth, cats, chara, coca cola, comics, commander shepard, computers, conventions, cute things, d&d, dating sims, disciple, doujinshi, drawing, ebon hawk, fanart, fantasy, farah, final fantasy 12, final fantasy xii, gamers, girl gamers, h/hr, harry potter, harry x hermione, harry/hermione, harry/luna, hk-47, hms harmony, hughes, intelligence, internet, irvine x selphie, irvine/selphie, james x lily, japan, japanese, jedi, juuni kokki, karaoke, kotor, koushirou and that guy, larsa x penelo, laughing at ask john, life is awful, making fun of takeru, manga, mass effect, miss allsunday, mission, money, mp3s, nadja, nana, new orleans, nico robin, office romance, one piece, plush toys, plushies, precure, pretty cure, princess tutu, quantum leap, r.o.d., read or die, reading, revan, roleplay, roleplaying, rpgs, sanji x robin, sanji/robin, sci-fi, selphie, shoujo kakumei utena, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, shuu x gumimon, sketching, sleeping, sleeping in, star wars, studio ghilbi, subaru, t3-m4, tales of eternia, the breakfast club, the exile, the internet, translation, university of new orleans, using -kun, video games, washington x hamilton, writing, yukari, yuri, zayne, zoro x robin, zoro/robin, zorobin, , , , , ニコ・ロビン, ヒューズ, プリキュア, ロビン, 十二国記, 君が望む永遠, 日本人, 日本語, 明日のナージャ, 絶対彼氏
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